We are going to #brightonseo...
via Paris?

With a budget of £250 for a car, a load of challenges enroute and a return ticket on the eurotunnel. the RACE IS ON

What the heck is Going on

tldr; Paul and Dom are racing very cheap cars to Paris, completing stupid Challenges on the way, then turning around and racing to BrightonSEO to be the victor, all whilst raising a bit of money for Charity.

The Longer version

Kerboo is launching a brand new product and what better place to do it than surrounded by our friends at the biggest search conference #brightonseo.

But the question remained, who would get to press the button to launch the website? Paul or Dom.. after weeks of discussion, negotiation and a failed karaoke competition it was determined that the only way to settle this would be a race. A race to BrightonSEO.

Dom and Paul both have a budget of £250 to obtain a car to get from Leeds to BrightonSEO via Paris.. We did mention that bit right?

The race starts at 8am on Thursday morning when the teams set off from our chosen charity Martin House, they will drive to dover, along the way obtaining items and completing challenges on the way to the finish line at the arc de triomphe.

The first day will be full of challenges such as, ‘most Greggs pit stops’, ‘best dashboard ornament’ and the eBay challenge, winning these challenges gets you a head start for the next days race.

After spending the evening in a classy cheap hotel near Paris, the boys set off early in the morning and the race is on again to get to BrightonSEO and press that button.

In addition to driving in cars which have a 50% of making it or not, Paul and Dom are raising money for Martin House to help the DigitalMarketingDay campaign, you can get involved by having something stickered onto the car for the drive.

Until race day, keep an eye our on our facebook page for updates from Dom and Paul’s efforts to obtain cars and get them ‘decorated’

Meet the Teams

Choose your team and follow their progress.


Paul & Geoff Racing in : Green Dream


Dom & Mark Racing in : Golden Retriever

Our Challenges

On day one the teams will complete challanges giving them a head start the next day to BrightonSEO

The Triomphe Challenge

Teams must race to the Arc de Triomphe, first time to post a selfie at the Triomphe wins.

The Greggs Challenge

Teams must take a picture with a pastry based item at A Greggs, most items in unique Greggs wins.

The eBay Challenge

Teams must order an item from eBay and arrange to collect it enroute. Most interesting item (as voted for on twiter) wins the Challenge

The Beetle Challenge

Teams must take pictures with Beetles during the journey, teams are awarded 1 point for each unique colour beetle. Team with the most points wins the Challenge

The Car Sponsorship Challenge

The team with the most amount of money raised in sponsorship wins the challenge

The Martin House Challenge

The teams must recreate the Martin House logo via photos using elements they see on the way down.

Get Involved

As well as having fun, our aim is to raise money for a very worthy cause by doing this, so dig deep and get involved
(if you wanted to enter a team, we have plans more more teams next year based on the success of this)

A message on the car!

We will write your message in Sharpie on the car! choose your team and message in the comments

A sticker on the car!

We will stick your logo or sticker on the car somewhere! choose your team and put sticker in the comments

You can set a challenge

You can add to our challenges AND get a large sticker with your logo on the side of the car

The important Rules